Life2Life is not just a small group study

It is a holistic disciple-making experience designed to help you learn how to effectively live as a witness for Jesus in your everyday encounters with people. As you move through  Life2Life you will be encouraged to take other believers on the Life2Life  journey too. 

Life2Life is biblically based and comprised of five key components

Your Coach

The person taking you through Life2Life has most likely already been through Life2Life themselves and it has started to change the way they approach life and their daily encounters. As they continue cultivating the 10 lifestyle priorities of a witness, they have invited you to take the same journey with them. Learn everything you can from their experiences so far.

Multiplying this way of life (fishing for men) in the lives of other believers creates a movement.

This was Jesus’ strategy: a disciple-making approach to evangelism!

Eighteen Valuable Studies

Life2Life consists of eighteen valuable studies that will help you learn key biblical principles and will practically shape your lifestyle priorities, growing you toward becoming an effective witness.

Your journey together through these studies has the potential to dramatically change your life and give you a sense of intentionality and purpose that you have not experienced before.

The Live as a Witness Journal

Your personal journal has 365 days of devotions, full of lessons from Scripture on developing the lifestyle of a witness.

It is designed to guide and encourage you in your daily time with God, help shape your mindset through Gods word and allow you to reflect and record how God wants to use you in every encounter and circumstance to be a witness for him.

You will have opportunity to share what God has been showing you in these daily devotions throughout Life2Life.

Ambushed by God Book

While not “required”, we very strongly recommend that you add this book to your experience. You need someone to model what this witnessing lifestyle looks like in everyday encounters out in the world. The author, Kelly Talamo does just that in this book.

Every chapter of the book is a story of how Kelly interacts with someone in his landscaping business or simply in the course of life. Kelly models how you can be engaging as a witness in every circumstance and encounter that God sends you into.

Reading one of these stories around the dinner table makes a real impact and can be quite entertaining.

Accountability & Encouragement

If you are doing Life2Life as part of a traditional small group, the workbook will tell you when to break out and have some time with one or two other group members for accountability and encouragement. These are the people you will text when you are going to be meeting up with someone in a witnessing relationship.

If you are doing Life2Life as a disciple-making huddle, your group should be small enough that you will be able to do accountability time all together.

Sharing together what is happening in your relationships and praying for each other is a very important aspect of helping you develop this way of life.