Bible Studies

Below you will find a list of recommended Bible Studies that were mentioned in your Life2Life study. Different studies will connect to different people.

Evangelistic Studies


a Life2Life resource

Starts with pre-gospel studies and then finishes with the gospel in the final three studies, making it ideal for people who don’t have a strong church background.

(USB includes PDf’s and Hi-Res Videos)

Discovery Bible Reading

by Peter Roennfeldt

Follows a very simple unthreatening pattern, looking at a different story from the gospels each week and asking a series of 5 questions.

God’s Gift

a Life2Life resource

An 8-session study completely focused on the gospel itself.

Studies for New Believers


a Life2Life resource

Helping you back onto the path of spiritual growth.

Just for Starters

by Matthias Press

Seven simple and short Bible studies on the basics of the Christian life, designed to establish a new Christian in the faith.

Thirty Discipleship Exercises

by The Billy Graham Evangelistic Organization

Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

by John R. Cross

This study shows how the gospel fits into the whole story of Scripture and might be a good place to start before going on into one of the other new believers’ studies.